Custom finishes for your Padholdr?

August 11, 2011

Padholdr has received numerous requests for manufacturing a Padholdr that would match the finish of the dash of the customers vehicles. The finish would have to be done in an array of wood grain finishes along with Carbon Fiber and brushed aluminum options to match many different dashes. I was intrigued to hear of these ideas and decided to build a prototype Padholdr in Carbon Fiber to match the interior of my own vehicle which is carbon fiber. Padholdr is known for manufacturing high end tablet holders, and creating a custom holder would have to be something over the top to really maintain the standards that have been put in place already.

I started off by doing some design work to see what the best layout would be for different finishes. After finding a nice looking layout I started looking at different material options. Real carbon fiber would be a great fit, however it is very costly to manufacture. I decided to go with a carbon fiber vinyl that actually looks a lot like real viny. I found a company that manufactures thousands of wood grain and carbon fiber viny rolls, and after doing some test cutting decided this was the company we will use for all of our inserts. I decided to integrate a pocket into the face of the Padholdr to allow the insert to sit flush. I also kept a pocket in the center of the Padholdr to maintain the domed logo. Instead of making the carbon fiber inserts go around the bolt holes, we decided to cover them up. In order to cover the bolt holes on the Padholdr I needed to have the holes recessed in the face of the Padholdr. With the bolts being recessed in the Padholdr now, I was able to place the carbon fiber insert on the face of the Padholdr and have a hardware free look. I decided not to modify the back of the Padholdr or the mounting set up, which already works excellent for me. If we ever decide to produce these Premium Padholdr's we will have the inserts domed, to give the wood or carbon insert a high gloss finish to match the dash.

Now that the Premium Padholdr is in my own vehicle I get complimented on it by anyone that is in the car with me. I hope to be able to manufacture these Padholdr's in the future, but it all depends on the demand that I have for them. We will probably end up starting with inserts that come in 10 different choices of wood, and 2 colors of carbon fiber.

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