TouchPad Selling for $99

August 22, 2011

HP decided to pull the plug, at least for now, on their TouchPad after very low sales numbers since it's release. HP is selling all of the tablets for $99 across the country to try and get rid of inventory. HP's decision to clearance out all of their inventory was due to lack in sales of the TouchPad due to other tablets dominating the market amongst other problems with their tablet. As of right now there is no immediate talk about making a new tablet to replace the TouchPad. Anyone that has a first generation tablet knows there always are some kinks that need to be worked out, and software updating is a must. With HP discontinuing the TouchPad, I can imagine no future software updates to be done.

Padholdr spent the past hour trying to find where to still buy the TouchPad for $99, and came up empty handed.

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