The IRobot Audi might be looking more i-ish soon!

October 03, 2011

You would think by now that voice activation software would work excellent and be used by everyone, however it isn't! The main problem we have seen with any type of voice activation software is that it doesn't do a good job on recognizing your voice and is usually more of a task to use than it is worth. Tomorrow might be the day we see the future of not only voice activation software, but the way we use our electronic devices.


Apple purchased a company called Siri about 2 years ago. Siri was a company that made a very good voice assistant app. The voice assistant app by Siri at the time was leaps ahead of anything else on the market. With the help of Apple I can only imagine what the app looks like today.

Rumors are saying that the new software will only be available with IOS devices running the A5 chip. At this time the only device running the A5 chip is the iPad, however all the rumors point to the next generation iPhone having it.

After watching the Siri video, we are really excited to see what can come in the near future. Stay tuned for updates, and in car use as soon as we can get it!

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