Cardboard Booth steals the attention of CES

January 15, 2014

For those of you who have experienced CES know that the environment of Trade shows standards have reached unsurmountable expectations. Walking through the Event Center feels like experiencing a busy and distracting Time Square or the competitive bright lights of Hong Kong. In a sea of huge wealthy companies demanding the attention of visitors it seems one exhibitor has garnered the attention of the entire show with simplicity

Booth 5236 Padholdr has been referred to as one of the most innovative structures in all of CES 2014 as media and guests traffic has been immense. "People have been coming by all day just to see the booth." said Jim Benham founder of Padholdr. When asked what inspired the innovative concept that is one of a kind this year at CES, he said the structure should imitate the philosophy of technology. Always looking for ways to be innovative, efficient, eco-friendly and completely awesome! , said Benham. 

Some interesting facts about the booth are: 
4  cardboard walls, 2 arched entries a marquee with logo and cardboard kiosk
100% biodegradable
Requires no tools or hardware for assembly
By comparison it took 4 hours to assemble opposed to other exhibitors who spent months(and no salesmen were paper cut in the installation)
weight 400 lbs costing 780.00 a quarter the price of last years CES booth and twice the size.
Cost of Booth 8k start to finish
Manufacturer Industry Sign and Graphics out of Auburn,WA
Break down 10 minutes

Jim Benham said he has no interest living in a card board box but he certainly enjoys working out of one.


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