Tablet use in Healthcare Environments

February 16, 2016

There is no question that the use of tablet computers has been fast on the rise over the last half-decade. Medical organization budget holders have been spending more and more on these devices for uses ranging from assisting visitors with finding information to helping clinicians access up to date clinical information on their patients at the point of care.

The main concern, after the initial software development hurdles were passed, has been protecting these mobile assets from damage, tampering, and theft. Solutions have been sparse and often become useless as devices are upgraded and redesigned causing the highest cost of utilizing these tablets to be keeping them mounted and secure.

PadHoldr has been working closely with medical professionals to asses the constantly changing need for mounting and security solutions. In fact, many of our products have been designed specifically with medical environment use in mind.

PadHoldr tablet holder installed in hospital room

Our modular system of tablet holders a mounts offers a wide range of solutions that will last through several iterations of tablet computer upgrades and design changes. To further the goal of creating lasting solutions, nearly all of our tablet holder products come with industry standard mounting patterns built directly in to the holder for use with already existing mounting stations.

You can read more about our medical environment products here to learn more and discover some of our more popular products used by medical professionals across the country.

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