Padholdr installed in Restaraunts

January 31, 2014

I would have to say that most people have been to a restaurant and experienced tablets being used by now. Whether you are paying your bill at the cashier or the server is taking your order, tablets are starting to make there way in the restaurant industry across the nation.  
Padholdr has seen the popularity of business’s using tablets in the day-to-day operations, and has quite a demand over the past year for holders to fit an array of applications. “I kept getting phone calls asking if we had a mount that would work on the counter top but would work with tablets other than the iPad.” Said Jim Benham founder of Padholdr Products. Jim sat down with his engineer and began sketching out some ideas of how he could make a holder that is durable enough that it can be used in a high volume business, but also visually appealing enough to use on a kitchen counter at home. After several design attempts were made the universal tablet stand was created that works with the entire line of Padholdr Fit and iFit series holders. We now have a tablet solution for 99% of the tablets on the market said Jim.
The tablet counter top stands were released January 31
st 2014, but already had orders for several restaurants before the launch across the country. The restaurant industry is using the tablets for customers to be able to order items from the menu, play games, view the company story, and so much more. The customer is able to place an order on their tablet, and the server and kitchen get notified of the order instantly. There are several companies making tablet applications on the market currently and teamed with Padholdr they are able to get a customer a hi tech and thorough management system for there business for much less than traditional POS systems.
Some interesting facts about the Tablet Stands are:
The stands come in 6 different holder applications that fit over 40 tablets on the market
The base plate to the stand is manufactured out of 1/8” thick steel then powder coated black for a modern but industrial finish
Included in the stand is a mounting hole that allows you to bolt the holder to whatever flat surface is desired
The holder can be mounted in portrait or landscape mode



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