An 18" tablet! Is there a need for a Dell XPS 18 holder?

February 27, 2014 2 Comments

Surprisingly enough for the past few weeks we have had some interest in manufacturing a holder for the Dell XPS 18 tablet. If you aren't familiar with the tablet yet, you will probably be surprised to hear that Dell isn't the only company manufacturing a XXL tablet. With Microsoft launching their new operating system, this got manufactures thinking bigger can be better. 


The requests we have had for holders have been mostly in the medical field where customers are looking to install the tablet against the wall. We have done some prototype work and have created a holder that fits the Dell XPS 18 perfect. Our prototype allows the holder to mount to our custom designed wall mount, or you can attach the holder to any VESA mount on the market. Our new tablet holder design can now work with over 1000's of different mounts already on the market. We have plans on manufacturing the holder in the future, and probably expanding the XXL tablet holder line to fit the Asus Transformer AIO, Sony Vaio Tap 20, and the Dell Inspiron one.


Even though Padholdr is known for the largest selection of iPad car mounts, I don't think we will have any in dash tablet mounts available for these extreme tablets..... At least not until cars can drive themselves. Stay tuned...

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June 04, 2014

We have been needing one of these for a while for one of our special needs individuals.


March 27, 2014

Any word on the release of this product? I know I’d be interested!

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