DeLorean with an iPad Mini Holder customized in the dash

March 04, 2014

Ipad Holder in DeLorean

As we all know the DeLorean was an iconic car of the 80's with its Gullwing doors, stainless steel body, and other futuristic features. The one thing that Doc missed when customizing the futuristic car in Back to the Future was a touch screen device that would allow you to communicate with the world in the current time.

A guy buy the name of DMCPat has modded out his DeLorean with much more than an iPad. DMCPat's DeLorean has a set of custom wheels, spoiler, 3rd brake light, and many other newer technology items. Customizing one of these very rare cars isn't something that most people would probably agree on doing, but thankfully this DeLorean is tastefully done. The iPad Mini Holder has been integrated into the dash using fiberglass, and body filler, then wrapped in vinyl to match the dash board. DMCPat has integrated an audio controller with the iPad to control the volume amongst other features. 

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