NEW iPad and Tablet Holders with VESA mounting pattern

March 10, 2014

iPad Holder Cash Register

Over the past year there has been a growing interest in having a holder that can mount to a VESA mounting pattern. For those who aren't familiar what a VESA mounting pattern is, its a standardized way of mounting monitors produced by the manufacture NEC in 1988. As the tablet industry continually grows into more and more commercial use there has been a demand for retrofitting a tablet with already installed mounts. 


VESA mounting patterns are seen across the world, primarily on the back of any television set. The primary patterns seen on most smaller tv sets is a 75mm by 75mm or a 100mm by 100mm. When designing the holder Padholdr went with the two most popular VESA sizes.


Padholdr is hoping to see our holders used in schools, hospitals, cash registers, and many other commercial industries. Currently you can't buy a tablet with a VESA mounting pattern, and the only other holders on the market only work with the iPad and without a case. Padholdr is launching their VESA tablet mounts in the FIt and iFIt series. The Fit series consists of 3 universal tablet holders fitting a broad range of tablet sizes, and allows you to use a case on your tablet if needed. The Fit series works with most tablets on the market including iPad, Galaxy Tab, Transformer, Iconia, Surface, and many more. The iFit series holders are specifically designed for the Apple iPad only. Their are three holders in the iFit series that cover all the currently available iPads. 


Whats next? "We are introducing our new line of Tablet mounts for the big boy tablets including the Dell XPS 18. We already have customers waiting for a way to mount their XL sized tablet to a VESA mount" says Padholdr President Jim Benham

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