iPad Air 2 Holder

August 13, 2014

With the not soon enough, upcoming announcement of the new iPad Air 2 coming, you can only hope that the release date will be shortly following. I can't believe that August is almost gone. But you know what that means let the iPad Air 2 rumors will start flying. I have been all over the internet looking and reading the latest rumors and news on just about every site.


The people over at Trusted News seem to think it's going to be the same as the current iPad air, which is good new for everyone with current Padholdr holders. While the guys over at Bloomberg have a good source for the information they have gotten seems like everyone is reading this article. Glad to see that it's going to be easier to read in direct sun light and the design looks to be the same as always with apple products, amazing and this is just the back plate. TechnoBuffalo is hosting about the new coating on the display which will make it easier to read in direct sunlight. The thought of recessed volume buttons would be a great addition, as Apple insider was saying.

With the iPad Air 2 holding the same estimated specifications as its predecessor you can have your holders in place so when they release it you will be ready to show off your newest gadget to the world, if you don't have a current holder may we suggest you take a look at what we have. The best holders in the world to keep your current iPad air or the new iPad Air 2 when it is released in a secure place so it doesn't move around on you either while in you vehicle or on the table.. The iFit Air & Edge series holder will get things ready for your iPad so you can be more productive.

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