New Samsung Galaxy Tab S Ads Focus on Gaming, Media and Unexpected Fun (Video)

August 15, 2014

Samsung has a new series of ads out for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S and these ads seems to focus on the things we least expect some people to do with these slates. We’ve got one ad where a girl with painting skills lays around in a beautiful lagoon of sorts and instead of painting her surroundings, she plays Fruit Ninja.

She also seems to have a lot of fun with that, which is the key of the ad. Then we’ve got a serious judge, also holding a Galaxy Tab S model, supposedly deciding someone’s fate or analyzing a law. In fact he’s watching a young pop star, multitasking to check out her evolution in a music contest and singing along with the youngster. Finally, there’s a mother of four getting lost in a movie on the screen of her Galaxy Tab S, as she craves for the protagonist.

The purpose of the ads is to make you smile and understand that tablets are not serious tools of education, life saving gadgets and other major implications. They can do that too, but in the end people play Candy Crush on them, view YouTube clips and use Facebook all day long. Even the serious ones…

Would like to think James A. with Tablet News for the article.

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