Almost There!!

August 18, 2014

Apples media event is almost within sight. There have been lots speculations about all the awesome electronics we can get our minds on. I for one will be awaiting all the new revolving around Apple and the new iPads and iPhones. But here at Padholdr we are waiting for the official specifications for the new line up from Apple, so we can get our new products ready to hold your newest tech toy.


Apple has scheduled a big media event for Tuesday, Sept. 9 — a date to which Apple numerologists will strain to attribute significance. As with September events past, the focal point of this one is to be Apple’s next-generation iPhones and iPads.


With what we have seen and hear about the iPad Air we already have a foot on the ground with the iFit Air series holder, that will secure your current iPad Air and when you upgrade it will also hold you newest toy in place. With the holder being able to adjust you'll have a piece of mind that even if they do change the screen size a little you'll be fine.


Stay tuned as we get closer to the date we have already seen an influx on speculations on what Apple will and won't say, one thing is for sure we are all at the mercy of the closed lipped company.


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