Best Desk Ever!!!!!!

August 19, 2014

I'm not sure if my boss will approve the P.O for this but I think it's worth a shot, after all who can say the have a Telsa as a desk.When it comes to having the sickest office setup ever, it’s hard to stump the guy with the flat screen TV mounted onto his cubicle. You’re going to have to reach out a little farther to get something no one’s ever seen.


Introducing Deskla, the $70,000 office desk that was created using the body of a Tesla Model S. If you were wondering, yes, the headlights work.

East Bay Muscle Cars was commissioned by Vuolo Design to craft the desk. The aluminum Model S shell used was a “factory reject” and was donated to the project in Brentwood, CA by Tesla.

“The ‘Deskla’ features three 120v electrical outlets, six USB ports and working Tesla LED lights, which are all powered via the car’s original charge cord. ” – Luxury Launches

Now after reading this article I know what you're thinking, I'm going to get one. I know that's what I said to myself.

Now after you get this desk in your office you can mount that awesome tablet with Padholdr's help of course, here are a few options. First is the cup holder mount I know with that much money those had to have stayed. Second is the flexible holder with the universal c-clamp. Then you can keep the work and fun close to you.


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