Latest iPhone 6 Leaks

September 02, 2014

So just like every other human on earth. Paiently waiting the release of the newest iPhone I have been keeping up with the joneses and looking at just about every article on the web, which happens to be a lot these days with the official release right around the corner. Take a look at the video I found at CNet.


Over the last several months, rumors have been flying about Apple's plans for the iPhone 6. Supposedly leaked images and specs claim the device will have a 4.7-inch display, an improved processor, and near-field communication for mobile payments. The anticipated device would run iOS 8 when it launches this fall.

While many videos have surfaced claiming to show the iPhone 6, few are as detailed or believable as the video from Rozetked. The device shown in the video looks very similar to devices pictured in images leaked from Apple supplier facilities. The device in the video also has the 4.7-inch screen and streamlined design that is expected in the iPhone 6. It also allegedly sports Apple's next-generation A8 processor and NFC, but not the much rumored sapphire display.

Apple has remained tight-lipped on its plans and has not shared any insight into what the iPhone 6 might offer. As it has in the past, Apple likely won't comment on anything iPhone 6-related until its special event on September 9. CNET will be on hand to live-blog Apple's launch event next week.

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