More conceptual images of the elusive iPhone 6

September 03, 2014


Martin Hajek’s incredible renders come in two equally impressive categories. The first are the realistic recreations of upcoming devices that that the artist put togethers based on leaked parts and schematics: for example, his incredible iPhone 6 render.

But Martin Hajek does another kind of concept as well: his purely conceptual imaginings of what still unrevealed Apple gadgets like the iWatch or the Apple HDTV.

This might be a first though. In his latest series of rendering, Hajek has paired both kinds of renders together: the iPhone 6, a design we know, with the iWatch, a design that is, to all of us, still a mystery. And if the real iWatch + iPhone 6 combo looks half as good in real life as Hajek’s, we’re in for an exciting year. More images after the jump.


I for one can't want I may just have to sleep until 9.9.2014 when all the dreaming will be over. Here is the biggest question when will the lines start to form in from of all the Apple stores? Ponder that one for a minute and let that sink in. This is probably the biggest and most anticipated gadget and iPhone combination this year and that Apple has came out with since the original iPhone.


Big thank you to the Cult of Mac for this article.

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