KGI on iWatch: 8 GB storage, 512 MB RAM, 1.3 and 1.5 inch screen, gold option

September 05, 2014

Just in case you have been in a cave this week, you've heard about the newest rumored specifications on the iWatch. I found this article interesting and had to share it.

A new report from KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo sheds some interesting light on the iWatch specifications. Kuo believes the iWatch will feature 8 GB of internal storage, with 512 MB of RAM. Naturally, these stats are lower than current iOS devices (which have upwards of 16 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM), but still seems high for a wearable smartwatch. This may suggest the device can act more independently from an iPhone than most assume. 8 GB of storage space is quite a lot and could be used for things like caching maps, or perhaps enable offline voice recognition.

KGI also believes the iWatch will come in two sizes, with a 1.3 inch and a 1.5 inch screen. This reflects longstanding rumours that Apple is targeting two sizes, to make it appeal to both gender’s fashion preferences. Kuo seems less sure on what materials will make up the product, but ‘guesses’ aluminium based on Apple’s tendencies to use the metal across its products. There is also mention of a gold color option, which would match with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6’s gold varieties.

Quelling some rumors that Apple would follow the Moto 360 to use a circular display, Kuo says it expects a rectangular face. To go along with HealthKit, Kuo expects a number of “holes” on the back side of device will measure vital signs and other fitness characteristics, like heart rate.

Well there you have it. Now just 5 short days till the big announcement my nails are almost gone with anticipation of the next gen Apple products. Personally can wait for the iPad Air confirmation will be getting one as soon as its available for pre-order. Make sure you get over to Padholdr and get that holder installed before you get the new iPad that way your ready to enjoy the newest toy to the extreme.

Thank you to 9to5 Mac for the great article.

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