Alleged leak of iWatch component drawings & specs surface ahead of tomorrow’s unveiling

September 08, 2014

A set of images have appeared online today (via Reddit) allegedly showing CAD drawings for various components of Apple’s yet to be announced wearable product. The images, which include a watermark from one of Apple’s longtime manufacturing partners Quanta, show various mic and speaker components that look to be right for a watch-like device, but the poster adds more details in a description of the photos. According to the leak, Apple’s wearable will have a mic, speaker, Siri, and a “flexible, multi-touch screen will add a new dimension to the UI.” It’s also worth noting that Quanta was one of Apple’s partners that was reportedly already beginning trial productionand expected to be a main supplier of iWatch.

The source of the images adds that the device will be waterproof to approximately 20 meters, have battery life that lasts a day, and won’t include any Lightning connector or “ports”, which is yet another hint at a wireless charging solution that has been rumored before. In addition, the leakster claims the device will come in 8 models made up of 4 colors and two size options. Several models of the device lines up with previous chatter, and the various sizing could make recent reports of 1.3 and 1.5-inch models make a little more sense. 

The round hole is for the sensor plate that will be in contact with the skin. The chunk thats missing on the side is where the watch’s crown goes.

While we can’t vouch for how legit these images are, we’ll have to wait until the first official teardown of the device to find out for sure. Apple is expected to unveil the new wearable during its press event tomorrow, but recent reports claimed the product might not launch until next year

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