January 26, 2018

It might be closer than you think.

If you follow consumer technologies at all then you already know what everyone was buzzing about at CES this year.

The foldable Galaxy X cell phone from Samsung.

Don’t run out just yet, it’s still just a concept but according to The Investor a new version of the Samsung Galaxy X (including a launch schedule) was disclosed in a private meeting at the Samsung Event at CES 2018. They allegedly unveiled both inward and outward folding phones with the inward being expected to be first adopted by Samsung. The outward folding met with a little less optimism calling it “more advanced next generation technology.” The Herald also reported the new Galaxy X will have a 7.3” display but there was no speculation on the actual launch date.

Though Samsung is currently in the spotlight, don’t be quick to write off the other guys. LG showed us some crazy innovation in 2014 with their 18” flexible OLED screen technology that you could roll up as easy as the Sunday paper (it’s this thing called a Newspaper that used to be popular back in the day, printed on paper, full of all the current news, and was delivered by a child on a bicycle on Sunday mornings before the sun even came up. What??? I know!) Well they came out swinging, or rolling, at CES 2018 as well, increasing their 18” screen to a 65” rollable TV prototype. What’s the purpose of a rollable TV? Who cares, it’s freaking awesome and I want one.

Lenovo is another one pushing the flexible game with its wrist wrapping CPLUS cell phone and an actual foldable tablet concept that goes from a 5.5” display to a 7” display.

Now if all three of these guys could get a long we might actually have something to text home about. All these concepts have great aspirations with the same great road blocks. As I type, the LG Innotek Team is reportedly preparing to launch mass production on the “Rigid Flexible Printed Circuit Board” or RFPCB. Oxymoron? Yes. Impossible? Not this day and age.

Once the foldable cell phone technology is mastered, the sky’s the limit. Foldable phones, Rollable televisions, why shouldn’t my tablet fold in half and take up less room in my purse than my wallet? Maybe the Microsoft Surface line with their on-point hinge game with be the first to throw their hat in the ring.

What do you think?


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