October 19, 2017

Are you done with pen and paper transactions in your warehouse? Become a part of the many companies making the decision to switch to tablet based operations. Every year the options for warehouse based tablets expand, making sure there is a fit for all business types.

As more and more millennials enter the workplace, digital operations just make sense. They were born into a technology rich life and know no other way. My son is 8, Gen Z if you will, and when I ask about his school day he talks in Chromebook! There is no escaping it and why would you want to? Your opportunity to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability awaits you.

A tablet based warehouse offers faster, easier, and more accurate tasks, real time communications, instant performance analytics, and visual documentation. The added benefits are abundant.

Rugged tablets are a popular choice for warehouse environments. All rugged tablets are produced in accordance with the military standards for environmental engineering. They are built to last through almost anything and everything.  Xplore Technologies produces the Bobcat equipped with glove touch technology and XCapture Pro camera software with geotagging, barcode scanner, and a save and share function. Getac has the F110 with their proprietary Lumibond 2.0 touchscreen technology. It includes rain/touch, glove, and pen and an option for digitizer, a hard tipped stylus for more defined signatures and precise notes. The icing, dual battery for endless power. These are just two tablets in a large pool of ruggedized offerings. Of course all these benefits do not come cheap.

For warehouses who are looking to make the change but with a more conservative price tag, the ever popular iPad can be had at a third of the price of a rugged tablet but with 90% of the functionality of a rugged tablet. Samsung Galaxy Tab's in a variety of sizes and generations are another cost effective popular alternative to the ruggedized tablet. While they are not as substantial in comparison to rugged tablets there are a multitude of rugged cases available in the market today.

Whichever tablet you choose to take the plunge with, Padholdr is here to provide secure, reliable holder, mount, and stand options from your workstation to your forklift!


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