December 01, 2017

If anyone should get an award for releasing “new” versions with uneventful upgrades my vote is for the Microsoft Surface line. Like the Surface Book they slipped in between the Surface Book 1 and Surface Book 2, the new Surface Pro is just…meh.

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I’m being a negative Nancy. I still think it’s a great laptop performance wise. It should be, as that is one of the only two improvements I feel they’ve made. The battery life has also definitely increased but that’s about where the performance ride stops.

Their hinge game continues to be strong. The Surface Pro Next-gen hinge on the new kickstand offers a deeper angle of 165 degrees for a more comfortable stance when writing or drawing. Which begs the question, why they stopped there? The highest stance is comfortable for working but if you want to video chat, count on sitting on a phone book, or putting your Pro on a phone book, either way. The angle is not quite tight enough to show your whole face which also sometimes inadvertently disrupts the Windows Hello.

My last passive aggressive statement is the fact that I am buying an item advertised as a laptop, but I must buy the keyboard separately? Okay, but only if you charge me extra for the pen! There, I’m done.

The Surface Pen is however something to write home about. 4,096 pressure points, 4 times the last model, has my megapixels tingling. The drawing, and even writing experience way exceeds my expectations. There is zero delay, as close to pen and paper as you’re going to get.

None of my gripes are deal breakers by any means. I probably should have lead with that. This is still a fantastic machine and a now quiet (the fanless options) one at that and the Alcantara keyboard I am forced to buy separately does come in a to-die-for burgundy that matches my lipstick. I’m easily swayed people.

Stay tuned. If Microsoft delivers on the Surface Pro 5 like they did with the Surface Book 2, we will be sure to see the more “meaningful changes” that Panay is promising. I see a USB-C port in our future...

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Microsoft Surface Pro Specifications

Camera resolution

1.2 MP


64, 128, 256 GB

Battery life

14 hours

Display resolution

1920 x 1080


32.3 ounces

Screen size

10.6 inch

Operating system


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