March 23, 2018

Day 2 in Louisville, Kentucky for the 2018 Mid-America Trucking Show! This is our first time at MATS and what a blast!

Vendors and exhibitors alike brought their A game in this display of exceptional craftsmanship and workmanship! Whether you're into the hood ride and hot rod look...

or your taste is classic refined...

there is some definite eye candy here for you to see! The fun doesn't stop on the outside of these beauty's.


The interiors and engine compartments were just as impressive!

The vendors in the trucking industry sure know how to get your attention! I have zero need for column lifts of this magnitude but I'm pretty sure I want some! 

You didn't think Kenworth would go small did you? 

Recently in the news the AIRFLOW STARSHIP - HYPER-FUEL EFFICIENT TRUCK, we got to see up front and in person. 

Shell Lubricants and AirFlow Truck Company joined together to create this next-generation truck. With a custom, aerodynamic design their goal is to exhibit improvements in fuel economy for class 8 trucks while lowering CO2 emissions. While everyone in the automotive industry is working to lower CO2 emissions how many look this cool doing it? The futures so bright, it had to wear shades!

And in celebration of their one-millionth truck build, last October Peterbilt ran a promotion looking for it's Number 1 Superfan. Peterbilt will recognize the top 5 Superfans  and give away a Model 567 Heritage to the winner here at the show!  

We look forward to one more day here at MATS and have enjoyed the great support the trucking community has shown for our ELD mounting solutions





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