September 25, 2018

In a world where more is more and bigger is better consumers sought the large screen of today’s monitors with all the benefits of a tablet. From this, All-in-Ones like the Samsung View 18.4 and Dell XPS18 were born. Almost as quickly as they rose to fame, they were gone. Discontinued by both electronic giants, the market is left wanting. While there are whispers Samsung is working on a new “over-sized” tablet, nothing has yet to be confirmed.

In the meantime, there’s a new kid on the block. The View and XPS18’s brother from another mother. A frugal mother, who sticks to the basics but still gets the job done. The new iView 1760AIO is a 17.3” touchscreen All-in-One. At just over an inch smaller than its predecessors, its comparable screen and camera resolution, processing speeds, memory, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth support, make it a welcome addition. What you lose in battery life (about 4 hours on paper) you make up in dollars. The $350 price tag is a welcome offering as the others were between $600-$1200 when they hit the market.  


Like the other 18” AIO’s the iView 1760AIO does not come with mounting holes. This is were we step in. Based on the high demand of our Fit View 18.4 and Fit XPS18 enclosures it was only fitting we put an enclosure for the iView 1760AIO into product design right away. It will share all the features of the PHFV18.4 and the PHFXPS18 including hybrid-locking, felt lining, and universal VESA 75 and 100 mounting patterns, but will be made specifically for the iView 1760AIO.

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