July 02, 2018

Are you one of the thousands of restaurants partnering with a food delivery service like Uber Eats, Grubhub, or DoorDash? If you are, then you’ve made the decision to exponentially expand your customer base without sacrificing your attention to what’s most important. Your business.

grubhub ubereats doordash open table tablet stand

While the technology speeds up service and increases order accuracy, the delivery companies take care of the logistics. What do you have left to do? Provide the meal, manage your staff, maintain the restaurant’s revenue, profitability and quality goals, all while still servicing your in-house customers! You still have a lot on your metaphorical plate and we’ve devised a stand to help streamline the process.

grubhub ubereats doordash open table tablet stand

The stand boasts a small footprint with multiple tablet mounting points that are adjustable while keeping your tablets secure. It was created with restaurants that work with 3rd party delivery services in mind like

to name a few. The stand works equally as well with Open Table and your own in house curbside option if you have one. Whether you are working with one service or four, you can keep everything together in one place. This allows you to assign a clear and specific area to efficiently access data you need to get those delivery drivers in and out. Bottom line, both your establishment and the drivers can maintain the best possible food quality for your customers.

grubhub ubereats doordash opentable restaurant food delivery tablet stand

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doordash opentable ubereats grubhub restaurant food delivery tablet stand


Footprint 7.00" x 9.5"
Height 26.00"
Tablet Mount Accommodation 1-4 tablets
Tablet Mount Pattern VESA 75 and 100
Stand Mounting  Restaurant Grade Suction Cup Feet
Adjustable Tablet mounts can be adjusted vertically up or down on the stand and the angle on each mount can be adjusted 30 degrees up or down for optimal viewing. 


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