New Fit View 17.3 Holders Coming Soon!

August 22, 2019









When Samsung introduced their giant Galaxy View 18.4 it was the biggest tablet on the market. While many complained about its lack of power it didn’t seem to slow down sales. Naturally, we knew we had to create a tablet holder specifically for the tablet. What we didn’t anticipate is we’d be the only ones to do so. We saw exponential sales for our Fit View 18.4 and almost a year after the tablet has been discontinued, we continue to sell out of the holder often.

In April, Samsung introduced their new Galaxy View 2. A 17-inch tablet, smaller than its predecessor, but said to be more powerful this time around.   While we were happy to see it didn’t have the “hump” the 18.4 was blessed with, it came with its own new set of challenges. The View 2, like the View 18.4, is equipped with a stand but also, like the View 18.4, it is unclear why it is even removable. When the stand is removed you are again, left with an awkward shape to try and house when contemplating protecting and displaying/mounting your tablet. Well friends, I’m here to tell you we did it!

The design team at Padholder has created the Fit View 17.3 holder! It is manufactured with a combination of the same Hi-strength acrylic and powder coated aluminum you have come to know from our other holders. While our collection of holders are either all acrylic or all aluminum, the Fit View 17.3 combines both, with an acrylic back-plate and a powder coated aluminum face-plate. This allowed us to maintain the rigidity of the holder while keeping the overall weight as low as possible. It has the same felt lining for optimum surface protection of your tablet, based around a universal VESA 75 and 100 mounting pattern, and of course tamper proof hardware.

The Fit View 17.3 is available now on our site for pre-order and we anticipate shipping to begin the first week of September! Get yours on order today!

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