Nintendo Switch Headrest Mount

February 21, 2017

Exciting news, we now have a Nintendo Switch holder and mount available for immediate shipping! Please see this link for details. Nintendo Switch Headrest Mount


Many people are very excited to see what Nintendo has in store for us with their new Switch coming out in March. One thing that we have got some reaction to is if we will be manufacturing a mount so you can use the Switch in your vehicle, and the answer is YES! 

Nintendo Switch

We are more than excited to have a reason to purchase the Switch for "prototyping purposes". We also will need to test out the games to make sure they stay stable to the mount we fabricate for it! 

Nintendo posted a video that showed off the switch in several environments, and one of those environments was a VW Bus. We have searched and it looks like the mount that was used for the video was just a prototype and as of now we don't have any information about the one in the video being available to the public. 

Nintendo Switch Headrest Mount

Currently our design has the Switch being located between the two headrests using a rigid bar that is clamped to the passenger headrest. The install just takes minutes, and the Switch drops in the cradle with ease. Were not sure what the retail price will be yet so stay tuned for more updates. 

Nintendo Switch Headrest Mount

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