March 15, 2018

With so many Cell Phone Holders on the market we were a little hesitant to throw our hat in the ring, but at Padholdr we don't shy away from a challenge! We were recently tasked with creating a Phone Holder for a sizable fleet and it turned out so good we couldn't keep it from the rest of the world! 

The one thing we can thank the FMCSA for is how much attention the mandate has brought to our Tablet Holder and Mount combos. We have seen a huge recognition from the trucking community so when they asked about phone holders we decided we'd give it another go.

Many trucking companies forced by the ELD mandate to integrate logging devices into their vehicles have chosen to do it with their smart phones. Even with the added costs of monthly subscription logbook apps, making sure your data plan can accommodate and ensuring you can connect to your Engine Control Module, the pains of complying are somewhat minimized by not having to purchase a brand new device. 

We've also heard, from a large portion of our retail based community, that they wished there was a cell phone holder that attached to something other than a suction cup. We totally agree, the suction cups...well... they suck. Actually, they literally don't, that's the problem. We as humans are already distracted by enough other stuff going on in the background while we're driving, the last thing we need is our phone holder falling off the windshield! Another reason why our upcoming phone holders paired with our secure in dash mounts should be on your radar!

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