October 09, 2017

Whether you’ve been on board since 2015 or you’re counting the days until the Surface Book 2 is released (rumored to be 2018), you can’t deny the appeal of the Microsoft dynamo.

When the Microsoft Surface Book was first introduced in late 2015, enthusiasts were already excited to see what Microsoft’s first laptop would offer, but the real treat was when the “laptop” was revealed as an actual 2-IN-1.

The 13.5” detachable display screen still gave you the full tablet experience Microsoft users had come to love but it was the full-size keyboard that drove the idea of it truly being a laptop. The controversial hinge causing love hate relationships across the globe is part of what makes the lite weight full size keyboard possible.

It expanded the overall footprint of the laptop so balancing your device on your lap while riding on a train didn’t make you regret skipping your leg work out last night. Two separate batteries, one 4-hour in the tablet or clipboard as it’s been dubbed, and one 8- hour in the keyboard, also help to keep the Surface Book balanced. 

While other technology giants feel the need to introduce a new generation every year, Microsoft, in October 2016 introduced not the next generation Surface Book but an updated version of their top-of-the-line original. The new version is equipped with Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M GPU, an additional GB of GDDR5 video memory, and an alleged 4 more hours of run time. All the processors, RAM, and storage remain the same. Same 8.0 megapixel rear-facing camera and 5.0 megapixel front-facing camera with infrared sensor that supports Windows Hello. Passwords are so last year.

Those anticipating the Surface Book 2 were not exactly impressed with the upgrade, but on the pretense that it didn’t really need one. Unless you are an Artist or Illustrator or specifically looking for amplified graphics the upgrade could be lost on you. While run time is relative, word on the street is, 16 hours is a generous statement. 

The end result is even though the upgrade may be superfluous to some, the Surface Book is by far the best Windows laptop out there. As gratified users of the Microsoft Surface Book, Padholdr felt it was the perfect opportunity to introduce the first Laptop and Hybrid Tablet holder to our family of products. The first in its series, the True Surface Book 13.


The shape of the housing allows access to all buttons, cameras, and ports. The U-shape design allows for quick installation and removal of your Surface Book while in the unlocked position. Leave your keyboard locked in and mounted to any surface while you utilize the clipboard wherever you need it. Visit us at today to check it out!

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