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The Edge Classic is designed for quick tablet access in environments where locking isn't necessary. This holder will accommodate tablets with 9" to 10" screens including Apple iPad generations 1 through 6, Apple iPad Air generations 1 and 2 and Apple iPad Pro 9.7
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  • Does it work with Samsung 2019 Tab A T-510,t-515 tablet

    Yes it does!

  • Will this fit a Galaxy Tab E 9.6 in an Otterbox?

    Yes, and so will the other holders on this page.

  • Will this work with a HDFLOOR.327-20 Mount?


  • hi there ive got a windows tablet thats 10mm thick would this still work for me? thanks

    Yes. The holder comes with a variety of spacers that will work with that thickness of tablet.

  • i have a 10mm thick tablet will this still be able to work pls?

    Yes it will.

  • My tablet is 10.3" will it still fit?

    Yes it will. Up to 10.75"

  • Work with iPad 8th generation?

    Yes it will.

  • Will this hold an iPad Air with an otter box cover

    Yes it will

  • Does this holder allow access to the charging cable on my iPad Air?

    Yes it does. The sides are exposed so you can easily plug in your power cord.

  • How do you use the holder with a case on my Galaxy Tab 10.1?

    The Holder comes with a variety of spacers that will vary in height. Swap out the spacers that match the thickness of your holder. With the spacers that are located in the slots on the back of the holder loose, place the tablet in the holder and adjust the spacers against the tablet and tighten.

PadHoldr Edge Series Classic Holder

The Edge Series is our most popular series of holders for personal use. These non-locking holders allow for quick installation and removal of the tablet in a home, personal vehicle, or any environment that doesn't require the tablet be constantly secured. The Edge Classic is designed to accommodate tablets with 9" to 10" screens including the Apple iPad Generations 1 through 6, Apple iPad Air Generations 1 and 2, and the Apple iPad Pro 9.7. The unique U-shaped design allows access to controls, cameras, and ports as well as access to items behind the holder when no tablet is installed.


Quick Removal

The U-shaped design allows for quick installation and removal of your tablet. Interchangeable tensioners keep your tablet snugly fit in the holder.

PadHoldr Edge Classic Holder Quick Removal
PadHoldr Edge Classic Felt Lining

Felt Lining

The interior of our holders are lined with a felt-like flocking that allows your tablet to easily, and safely, slide in and out of the holder.

Universal AMPS Mounting Pattern

We use industry standard mounting configurations with our holders, including the AMPS mounting patterns.

PadHoldr Edge Classic Holder Mounting Solutions
PadHoldr Edge Classic Holder Works With Most Cases

Works With Most Cases

Through the use of spacers and adjustable tensioners, this holder is able to accommodate a wide range of tablets with, or without, cases installed. Check the specifications below to see if your holder and case combo will fit.


Compatibility Size & Material
Device Minimum Length 9.25" (235mm) Product Length 11.625" (295.3mm)
Device Maximum Length 10.75" (273.1mm) Product Height 6" (228.6mm)
Device Minimum Width None Product Weight 0.6 pounds
Device Maximum Width None
Heavy-Duty Acrylic
Adobe PDF Download Assembly Instructions

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