Fit View 18.4


The Fit View 18.4 holder is designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy View 18.4" tablet. The holder comes with a VESA 75mm and 100mm mounting pattern and tamper-resistant hardware.
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  • Is this holder made to attach it to a wall? I need one that attaches to a mic stand

    The holder gives you mounting points to attach to the wall, stand, mic stand, etc. The mounting holes on the back of the holder are VESA 75 and 100, and AMPS. So if you can find a mic stand mount that uses one of those mounting patterns you will be able to mount the holder to the stand.

  • hi , i need to buy about 100 +/- units do you that amount ? can you get me place thet sell the samsung tab view ? here everyone out off stock

    We can ship you the holders in 2-3 days, however finding the Samsungs might be more difficult to source. I don't know where you can purchase these anymore. 

  • Can you leave the charging cord attached to the tablet when mounted to your holder I will be mounting it to a wall If so as the cord exposed

    Yes you sure can. There is access to all the buttons and ports.

  • I have tried 4 times to Order this specific holder for my 18.4 view(2xs Matte and 2xs Gloss) and each time I have received this with the faceplate stripped off(I have pics also). Is this product no longer being professionally made by you and should I just give up trying to support this company.

    That is brown protective paper on the faceplate. You need to remove it prior to using. This is a safety measure to keep the holder from being scratched.

  • Your description of the view 18.4 holder says 'The View 18.4 is designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 without a case installed.' What do you mean by 'without a case installed'?

    If you have a carrying case for the Fit View you will not be able to use it on your tablet. You will only be able to use our holder if you do not have an aftermarket carrying case on it.

  • is there a video of the complete installation and mounting of the padholdr fit view 18.4

    Unfortunatley there is not. It is pretty simple though. Just remove the stand portion of the View (takes seconds to do), then remove the faceplate of the holder. Once the faceplate is off, the tablet easily drops in place and then you bolt the faceplate back on.

  • What size is the overall case? Height x Width

    The width is 19.38", the height is 12.24", and the depth is just shy of 2"

  • What is the assembled weight (without the tablet)?

    The assembled weight is 4lbs.

PadHoldr Fit Series View 18.4 Tablet Holder

The View 18.4 is designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 without a case installed. This series belongs to our "hybrid" class of holders. Hybrid holders give you the option of locking your tablet in the holder, or having the ability to install and remove the tablet quickly. The full-frame design and rounded corners give the holder a sleek design and come in multiple colors and styles.



By removing a single spacer from the holder, you'll have the ability to easily slide your tablet in and out of the holder. Keeping the spacer installed will keep your tablet securely locked in the holder.

PadHoldr Fit Series Hybrid Locking
PadHoldr Fit Series Felt Lining

Felt Lining

The interior of our holders are lined with a felt-like flocking that allows your tablet to easily, and safely, slide in and out of the holder.

Universal VESA Mounting Pattern

We use industry standard mounting configurations with our holders, including the VESA MIS-D (75, 100) mounting pattern.

PadHoldr iFit Series Mounting Pattern


Compatibility Size & Material
Compatible WithåÊ Samsung Galaxy 18.4 Product Length 19.38" (492.25mm)
Product Width 12.24" (310.89mm)
Product Depth 2.0" (50.8mm)
Product Weight 4 pounds
Adobe PDF Download Assembly Instructions   Page 2