Multi Tablet Stand


The Multi Tablet stand is a heavy-duty stand built for commercial use. Designed for the restaurant industry this stand keeps all your tablets secure and in one place.
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  • Can this be used with different size tablets? My Uber, Doordash and grubhub tablets are all different.

    Yes it does. It works with tablets that range from 7" to 10" in screen size which means it will work for all your applications.

  • Is there some kind of chase down the back for the power cables? Cable's laying around are half the mess.

    It comes with velcro to strap around the pole to secure the wires behind the pole.

PadHoldr Multi Tablet Stand

Our Multi Tablet Stand is designed to lock two to four 7” to 10” tablets in one small footprint. Great for customers that use delivery services like Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Door Dash, and more!

The multi tablet stand was designed to keep a lot of devices in a small area. A lot of retailers are using multiple tablets and that means taking up a lot of prime counter space. The multi stand takes up a very small footprint while still allowing up to 4 tablets to be used!


Optional Cable Lock

To keep from the entire stand walking away purchase our cable lock that bolts directly to the stand then to your counter top. Using a steel braided cable, the lock can't be easily cut or removed without tools. Screws or bolts to the underside or wall of the area you have the tablet stand located at.

Clean up the tablet clutter at your restaurant

Designed for the restaurant industry, but works in any environment. Having several tablets being used for food delivery services takes up a lot of counter space and just looks like a mess. Our multi tablet stand was designed to bring all of your food delivery tablets in one simple secure area.

Multiple tablet stand

Works With Up To 4 Tablets

We have designed the stand so that you can place up to 4 tablets on the 24” version. Each tablet holder sits on an adjustable arm allowing you to slide up or down the holder to the location you like. Optional additional holders can be purchased and added on to the stand later also.

Tablets Can Be Viewed in Portrait or Landscape

Each holder that comes with our multi stand can be rotated to work in portrait or landscape. The holders are also mounted to a mount that can adjust the viewing angle +/- 15 degrees.

Works With Most Tablets

Each holder is adjustable to work with a very broad range of tablets. We recommend using tablets that have a smaller than 10” screen, however see specification sheet below if you have a larger tablet as it might fit. Customers using the stand for food delivery services like Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Door dash and more can fit up to 3 tablets on the small stand and 4 on the large stand.


Secure Your Tablets

The included tablet holders all use a lock on the backside to keep the tablets secure. Simply insert the key into the holder and the top of the holder slides up to remove the tablet.

*Optional stand cable lock available for customers looking to lock the stand down to the tabletop itself by screwing a cable to the underside of your counter top.


Tablet Requirements Stand Size
Tablet Minimum Length 12"  Width 9" 
Tablet Maximum Length 7.75"  Length 9"
Tablet Minimum Height 5.5"  Height 18" or 24"
Tablet Maximum Height 8.5"  Weight 8 to 11 lbs