Fire & Rescue Solutions

Fire & Rescue Solutions

At an increasing rate, rescue teams around the world are experiencing the benefits of fire & rescue tablet mounting in their fleet vehicles. For example, tablet software makes dispatching more informative and helps record logs accurately. Plus, quality images of on-scene activity and layout plans can be obtained quickly with just a few swipes. Fire departments are quickly realizing the great potential tablets have to offer in terms of increasing efficiency and overall safety!

Fire & Rescue Tablet MountingFire & Rescue Tablet Mounting




  • Adjustable articulating arms
  • Integrated cord management systems
  • Able to withstand rigorous use, shift after shift
  • Universal heavy and mega-duty mounts
  • Vehicle specific and universal dash mounts
  • Wide range of holders that fit tablets 7″ to 18″



How it Works

Fire & Rescue Tablet Mounting

*Each Holder and Mount are sold separately.

Build your combo by selecting the holder and mount products that are compatible with your tablet and environment. To determine the products you need, you can use the product filters on the Holders and Mounts pages, as well as read the descriptions of specifications for each product to make sure it’s the right one for your needs.

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