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Our line of heavy-duty mounts and holders are designed to stand up to use and abuse in some of the toughest environments out there. Pair you utility holders with our heavy-duty mounts for ultimate security and flexibility.
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Fleet Vehicle Mounting Solutions

Tablets are quickly replacing laptops and the old monstrous mounting rigs are going out with them. Companies need easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, portable devices in their fleets to further augment the productivity of their technicians. PadHoldr has worked with companies around the globe in integrating tablets in to fleet vehicles. Our mounting solutions maximize on security and portability at the same time by offering options like quick-release locking holders, tamper-proof hardware, heavy-duty mounts, and more. Our custom dash mounts also accommodate installation with absolutely no destruction or damage required by using existing hardware in your vehicle.


  • Adjustable articulating arms
  • Integrated cord management systems
  • Able to withstand rigorous use, shift after shift
  • Universal heavy and mega-duty mounts
  • Vehicle specific and universal dash mounts
  • Wide range of holders that fit tablets 7" to 18"

How it Works

Each Holder and Mount are sold separately. Build your combo by selecting the holder and mount products that are compatible with your tablet and environment. To determine the products you need, you can use the Mount Wizard, the product filters on the Holders and Mounts pages, as well as read the descriptions of specifications for each product to make sure it's the right one for your needs.