Popular Tablet and Mount Combinations

Tablet Holders with Medium Duty Mounts

The medium duty mounts are a great solution if you need to mount your tablet to a flat surface and you have a small area to mount the base to. The medium duty mounts come with a small footprint base plate and two fully adjustable ends allowing you to position the tablet in any angle you desire.

Heavy Duty Tablet Mounts

Tablet Holders with Heavy Duty Mounts

The Universal Heavy-Duty mount is the strongest and most well built mount in the industry. It has been specifically designed to mount to nearly any flat or curved surface like vehicle dashboards and consoles. This mount comes with a 4.125 inch base that allows the 6", 12", 20", or 24" inch arm to be positioned as needed.

Forklift Tablet Mounts

The Forklift Holder can clamp on to nearly any rectangular forklift guard. The mount hardware is made from high-strength steel and is available with a variety of arm lengths.

Forklift Tablet Mount

Universal Headrest Tablet Mounts

The headrest mount is an excellent way to securely attach your tablet to the headrest of your vehicle. The headrest mount consists of 2 aluminum bars that clamp on the outside of the headrest supports and an adjustable arm that allows you to position the holder where you like.

The Padholdr cup holder kits are the most universal application available to mount a tablet in your car. The Padholdr series stands out from the rest by having an expanding base that allows you to securely fit the base in your cup holder.

Tablet Floor Stands

Padholdr's S-Line series works with many iPad and tablet models to securely mount them in a variety of applications.

Tablet Wall Mounts

This wall mount allows you to mount your tabet securely to a wall in just a few steps. You can mount your tablet to the wall in a fixed portrait or landscape position. Or, purchase the swivel mount allowing you to rotate the angle of the tablet whenever you like.