InDemand Interpreting

Empowering Healthcare Communication: The Indemand and Padholder Partnership

In the dynamic landscape of Seattle's business ecosystem, synergy often emerges when like-minded companies join forces. This is the tale of Indemand Interpreting and Padholder, two Seattle-based entities that united to redefine communication in the healthcare sector.

A Fortuitous Connection

It all began with a phone call from Jason at Indemand Interpreting to Jim Benham, the founder of Padholder. Jason, having stumbled upon Padholder's products on Amazon, discovered they shared the same Washington State roots. Intrigued by Padholder's local manufacturing, he reached out to explore a potential collaboration.

From Concept to Reality

Indemand Interpreting harbored a vision to enhance healthcare communication through innovative technology. Their quest led them to Padholder, seeking a partner to bring their vision to fruition. Collaborating closely, Padholder and Indemand Interpreting developed tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of healthcare communication, with Padholder leveraging its expertise in manufacturing to create customized holders for Indemand's interpreting carts.

A Catalog of Solutions

As the partnership blossomed, Padholder expanded its catalog to include a range of products designed specifically for Indemand's interpreting carts. Each solution was meticulously crafted to ensure seamless integration and enhanced functionality, reflecting Padholder's commitment to innovation and quality.

Weathering Changes Together

Despite changes in ownership, Padholder remained a steadfast partner to Indemand. When Stratus Video acquired Indemand, Padholder adapted to address new challenges, providing solutions to enhance Stratus Video's existing stands. This resilience and flexibility cemented Padholder's position as a trusted ally in the healthcare industry.

A Lasting Partnership

Today, Padholder and AMN Healthcare, the parent company of Indemand, continue their collaboration, driven by a shared vision of empowering healthcare communication. Jason, now at AMN Healthcare, remains a pivotal link between the two companies, ensuring seamless coordination and ongoing success.


The partnership between Indemand Interpreting and Padholder underscores the transformative power of collaboration in healthcare. Through shared vision, innovation, and mutual trust, these two companies have reshaped the landscape of healthcare communication. As they continue to evolve and innovate, Padholder and AMN Healthcare are poised to lead the way in revolutionizing healthcare communication for years to come.