Retail Industry

We have multiple solutions for mounting tablets and POS systems in high-traffic retail environments, including: counter-top mounts, table stands, pole mounts, and more.

Retail Industry

Tablets are replacing the outdated, bulky and expensive, POS systems that have dominated the market for years. No more relying on expensive proprietary hardware, software, and outrageous service fees. Now you can choose your hardware, software, and mounting solutions separately. PadHoldr has been working with software companies to deliver robust, highly-configurable, point-of-sale solutions to small and large businesses around the world.


  • Highly adjustable mounts
  • Integrated cord management systems
  • Able to withstand rigorous use, shift after shift
  • Fully customizable holders
  • Integrated theft prevention
  • Custom design and branding options

How it Works

Each Holder and Mount are sold separately. Build your combo by selecting the holder and mount products that are compatible with your tablet and environment. To determine the products you need, you can use the Mount Wizard, the product filters on the Holders and Mounts pages, as well as read the descriptions of specifications for each product to make sure it's the right one for your needs.

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