Fit GT 10


The Fit Series GT 10 is designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5" tablets with or without a case. The holder features tamper-resistant hardware and the popular AMPS and VESA MIS-D (75, 100) built in to the holder.

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PadHoldr Fit GT 10 Tablet Holder

The Fit Series GT 10 is designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 tablet with or without a case installed. This series belongs to our "hybrid" class of holders. Hybrid holders give you the option of locking your tablet in the holder, or having the ability to install and remove the tablet quickly. The full-frame design and rounded corners give the holder a sleek design and come in multiple colors and styles.



By removing a single spacer from the holder, you'll have the ability to easily slide your tablet in and out of the holder. Keeping the spacer installed will keep your tablet securely locked in the holder.

PadHoldr Fit Series Hybrid Locking
PadHoldr Fit Series Felt Lining

Felt Lining

The interior of our holders are lined with a felt-like flocking that allows your tablet to easily, and safely, slide in and out of the holder.

Universal AMPS & VESA Mounting Patterns

We use industry standard mounting configurations with our holders, including the AMPS and VESA MIS-D (75, 100) mounting patterns.

PadHoldr Fit Series Mounting Pattern
PadHoldr FIt Series Works With Most Cases

Works With Most Cases

Through the use of spacers and adjustable tensioners, this holder is able to accommodate a wide range of tablets with, or without, cases installed. Check the specifications below to see if your holder and case combo will fit.


Compatibility Size & Material
Device Minimum Length 10" (254mm) Product Length 11.78" (299.21mm)
Device Maximum Length 10.59" (268.98mm) Product Height 8.1" (205.74mm")
Device Minimum Height 6.122" (155.49mm) Product Weight 1.5 pounds
Device Maximum Height 6.71" (170.43mm) Device Material Heavy-Duty Acrylic
Adobe PDF Download Assembly Instructions