Fit TomTom Bridge Wall Mount


The Fit TomTom Bridge holder is designed specifically for the TomTom Bridge tablet. Tamper Proof Hardware keeps your TomTom secure. This kit comes with the holder and the Wall Mount.
Holder Color
Gloss Black

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PadHoldr Fit Series TomTom Bridge Wall Mount

The Padholdr Fit Series TomTom Bridge Holder is a locking holder that allows you to retain the TomTom on the docking station. Unlike other mounts for this tablet, the holder will keep your Bridge secure while still having full functionality of the docking station. Like all of our tablet specific holders you will keep access to all cameras, buttons, and ports on the Bridge tablet. Mounting the Bridge is easy using the AMPS bolt pattern on the back of the docking station. Choose one of our vehicle dash and universal mounts that come standard with the same AMPS bolting pattern for a simple installation. This kit comes with the holder and the Wall Mount.



Assembled with Tamper Proof Locking Hardware the Fit TomTom Bridge holder is designed to secure the tablet while keeping the docking station mounted to it. The rugged design compliment's the rugged design of the Bridge itself and allows access to all ports, cameras, and buttons.



Universal AMPS Mounting Pattern

We use industry standard mounting configurations with our holders, including the AMPS mounting pattern.

Fit TomTom Bridge Specifications

 Size & Material
Product Length 5.930" (150.62mm)
Product Height 8.840" (224.54mm)
Product Weight 0.3 Pounds
Product Material Heavy-Duty Acrylic

Wall Mount Details

The Padholdr Wall mount allowsí« you to mount any of our Fit and iFit Holdersí« securely to a wall in just a few steps. The wall mountí« allows you to mount your tablet to theí« wall in a fixed portrait or landscape position, or purchase the swivel mount allowing you to rotate the angle of the holder whenever you like. The wall mount screws to a flat surface, then the Fit or iFit holder is bolted to the mount.

Tablet Wall Mount
Galaxy Tab Wall Mount

Works with Fit and iFit Series Holders

The Wall Mount is designed to work with our line of Fit and iFit series Holders. All of the holders mount to our standard Wall mount that is the size of a single gang box. The XPS18 Holder mounts to a double gang box for extra stability.

Allows for wires to be ran through a wall

All of our holders have areas on the sides to allow all the ports and buttons to be accessed. The wall mount also has a hole in the center of the mount allowing you to run your power cord or any other cord through the middle of the mount easily.

charging tablet wall mount
Swivel Mount

Swivel 360 degrees (optional)

The wall mount paired with the swivel mount will allow you to rotate your tablet 360 degrees and also angle the holder in any direction you like.