Ford Bronco non sport (2021+) Dash Mount


Holders do not attach directly to dash mounts. Only choose "Mount Only" if you already have an attachment.

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  • What size arm is it showing in the picture?

    A 9"

  • I have a iPhone 8+ will this work

    Yes but you'll need to get our phone holder which you can find here

  • Are the arms adjustable at all. I feel like I might want one in between 6 and 9.

    They aren't adjustable in length, but are in any other way. Each end spins 360 degree and angles 200 degree. So you can really manipulate them wherever is needed. I used the 9" on my Bronco.

  • Can you order just an arm, to have one for a second phone?

    Yeah, you can order the arm on here



2021 Ford Bronco Phone Mount

                            Vehicle Specific for the Ford Bronco

This steel mount was designed specifically to fit the 2021 and newer Ford Bronco. The rugged mount bolts to the single bolt hole pre installed in the dash mount of all Ford Broncos. The plate uses felt like material to prevent the plate from damaging the dash over rough terrain. 

AMPS mounting compatible

The slots on the Ford Bronco dash mount are in the AMPS pattern which is an industry standard mounting pattern. The AMPS pattern measures 1.5" by 1.19" and any ball mount arm will bolt to our dash mount including all of our medium duty mounts.

AMPS specifications
Bronco Phone and Tablet Mount

Choose Your Holder

Once you have our dash mount installed, you need to attach a phone or tablet holder to it. the holder essentially lets you make your phone or tablet mountable. Some of our holders also allow locking your device within the holder. To see our Phone Holders Click Here and to see our tablet holders Click Here

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