Phone Holder Medium Duty


The Phone Holder series is designed for quick phone access in environments where locking isn't necessary. This kit includes the Phone Holder and the Medium Duty Mount.

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The Phone Series is our newest series of holders created with the trucking and automotive fleet industries in mind. These non-locking holders allow for quick installation and removal of the phone in a vehicle, or any environment that doesn't require the phone to be constantly secured. The U-shaped design allows access to controls, cameras, and ports while installed. This kit comes with the Phone Holder and the Medium Duty Mount.


Quick Removal

The U-shaped design allows for quick installation and removal of your phone. Interchangeable tensioners keep your phone snugly fit in the holder.

PadHoldr Edge Switch Felt Lining

                            Felt Lining

The interior of our holders are lined with a felt-like flocking that allows your Switch to easily, and safely, slide in and out of the holder.

Universal AMPS Mounting Pattern

We use industry standard mounting configurations with our holders, including the AMPS mounting patterns.

PadHoldr Edge Switch Holder Mounting Solutions
PadHoldr Edge Switch Holder Allows Access to Charging Port

Works With Most Cases

Through the use of spacers and adjustable tensioners, this holder is able to accommodate a wide range of phones with, or without, cases installed. Check the specifications below to see if your holder and case combo will fit.


Compatibility Size & Material
Device Minimum Length None Product Length (S) 3.8" (96.5mm) | (M) 3.99" (101.35mm) | (L) 4.25" (107.95mm)
Device Maximum Length None Product Height (S) 3.48" (88.4mm) | (M) 3.42" (86.87mm) | (L) 3.45 (87.63mm)
Device Minimum Width (S) 2.64 | (M) 2.83 | (L) 2.99 Product Weight 0.6 pounds
Device Maximum Width (S) 3.20 | (M) 3.39 | (L) 3.65 Device Material Heavy-Duty Acrylic
Adobe PDF Download Assembly Instructions

Mount Details

The medium duty mounts are a great solution if you need to mount your tablet to a flat surface and you have a small area to mount the base to. The medium duty mounts come with a small footprint base plate and two fully adjustable ends allowing you to position the tablet in any angle you desire.

Aluminum shaft and ends

high strength aluminum arm to prevent vibration

Fully adjustable ends

Each end of the medium duty mount has a fully adjustable clamp allowing you to position the tablet wherever is needed.

replaceable bolts for security

For a more secure option replace the wing bolts with allen bolts included with the kit. This is a great idea if you want to leave the mount in a certain position without having it tampered with.


Base : 2" X 1.68" / 104.8mm X 42.7mm
6" Total size: 6" X 2" X 1.68" / 152.4mm X 104.8mm X 42.7mm
9" Total size: 9" X 2" X 1.68" / 152.4mm X 104.8mm X 42.7mm
12" Total size: 12" X 2" X 1.68" / 152.4mm X 104.8mm X 42.7mm
Mounting small: .95" X .92" / 24.2mm X 23.4mm
Mounting large: 1.5" X 1.16" / 38.1mm X 29.5mm