Cadillac Escalade (07-14) Dash Mount


Holders do not attach directly to dash mounts. Only choose "Mount Only" if you already have an attachment.

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  • So I would like to get rid of the screen and radio in my 2013 escalade, then replace it all with a tablet (12" vertical) and Android auto. Do you have a solution that would mount inside the hole of the oem radio?

    We do not, this is something that you would want to bring to a car audio shop and have them fabricate something for you. The main issue you are going to run into is the radio does a lot more than just play music in your car, and your not going to be able to fully remove it, and will still want to have access to it for some things. A stereo shop will help you with these things though. Our options are great to add a tablet to your existing system.



                            Vehicle Specific

Every one of our vehicle specific dash mounts are designed to fit your specific vehicle. The dash Mounts typically mount to your dash using radio, heater, or other types of hardware that is already used in your dash. Each kit comes with specific instructions on how to mount to your dash so there is no guessing required.

No Holes Drilled

Yes, you must mount the bracket to your dash with screws, No you don't have to use a drill bit! Most of our kits are simple to install by reading a factory dash bolt, sliding the bracket in the dash, then putting the same bolt through the dash.

Choose Your Holder

Once you have our dash mount installed, you need to attach a phone or tablet holder to it. the holder essentially lets you make your phone or tablet mountable. Some of our holders also allow locking your device within the holder. To see our Phone Holders Click Here and to see our tablet holders Click Here