Utility Classic Aluminum Wall Mount


The Aluminum Utility Series is our most rugged locking tablet holder. Constructed from high-quality aluminum, this holder is the strongest tablet holder on the market. This kit comes with the holder and the Wall Mount.

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PadHoldr Aluminum Utility Wall Mount

This is our most rugged, locking, iPad and tablet holder. Constructed from high-quality aluminum, this holder can withstand a lot of abuse. The open U-shape is designed to allow quick and easy tablet installation and removal for when you need to be mobile. Slide the steel locking-bar over the installed tablet and in to the locking mechanism when you need your tablet secured. Simply insert the key and remove the locking-bar to remove the tablet from the holder. The holder is fully adjustable, allowing it to hold a variety of tablets with, or without, protective cases. The tamper-proof assembly hardware adds extra security. This kit comes with the holder and the Wall Mount.


All Aluminum Construction

We use a CNC machine to cut the holder components out of a single sheet of high-strength aluminum. Then, we sand it down to smooth out the edges and powder coat it with a matte black finish.

PadHoldr Aluminum Utility Holder Constructon
PadHoldr Aluminum Utility Holder Locking Design

Locking Design

This holder comes with a stainless steel locking bar that allows you to quickly and easily lock your iPad or tablet in the holder To remove your tablet simply insert the key, turn, and slide the locking bar out of the locking mechanism.

Universal AMPS Mounting Pattern

This holder utilizes the Automated Mounting and Positioning System (AMPS) universal mounting pattern. A four hole, rectangular, pattern that measures at 1.188" by 1.813" or 30mm by 38mm. Each hole is tapped with 8-32 threads and bolts are included with packaging.

PadHoldr Aluminum Utility Holder AMPS Pattern
PadHoldr Aluminum Utility Holder Works With Most Cases

Works With Most Cases

Through the use of spacers and adjustable tensioners, this holder is able to accommodate a wide range of tablets with, or without, cases installed. Check the specifications below to see if your holder and case combo will fit.

Utility Classic Aluminum Specifications

Compatibility Size & Material
Device Minimum Length 9.25" (235mm) Product Length 12.5" (317.5mm)
Device Maximum Length 10.82" (274.8mm) Product Height 6.25" (158.8mm)
Device Minimum Width 6.25" (158.8mm) Product Weight 2.5 pounds
Device Maximum Width 8.5" (215.9mm)
Adobe PDF Download Assembly Instructions

Wall Mount Details

The Padholdr Wall mounts allow you to mount any of our U shaped holders including the Edge, Social, Utility, Utility XL, and Aluminum Utility holders securely to a wall in just a few steps. The design of the wall mount allows the holder to be placed about a half inch from the wall, allowing you to easily take your tablet in and out of the holder.

Tablet Wall Mount
iPad Wall Mount

Wall Mount works with all U shaped Holders

The Padholdr Wall Mount has a custom design that allows any of our U shaped holders to bolt directly to the mount. The U shaped holders include the Edge, Social, Utility, Utility XL, and the Aluminum Utility. There is a custom notched part of the wall mount allowing the lock stick to still be used in the holder as well.

Charge your tablet while on the wall

All of our holders come with open sides to allow access to charging ports or buttons on the tablet.

charging ipad wall mount