AMN Healthcare

Enhancing Healthcare Communication: Padholder's Partnership with AMN Healthcare

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, effective communication is paramount. From doctor-patient interactions to multilingual support, every aspect plays a crucial role in delivering quality care. Amidst this, Padholder, a pioneering force in innovative technology solutions, has forged a significant partnership with AMN Healthcare, revolutionizing the way communication is facilitated in the industry.

The Genesis of Collaboration

Padholder's journey with AMN Healthcare began with its involvement with two companies that eventually became part of the AMN Healthcare family: Indemand Interpreting and Stratus Video.
Indemand Interpreting: Back in 2015, Padholder embarked on a venture with Indemand Interpreting, a startup seeking customized tablet holders to integrate seamlessly with their 2-in-1 laptops. With a vision to streamline communication through technology, Padholder meticulously crafted tablet holders and stands tailored to Indemand's needs, laying the foundation for a fruitful partnership.
Stratus Video: As Indemand Interpreting transitioned into Stratus Video under the AMN Healthcare umbrella, Padholder's collaboration evolved. Recognizing the need for superior design in tablet holders and stands, Padholder embarked on a mission to enhance Stratus Video's existing products. The result? Cutting-edge holders and stands that set a new standard in functionality and design, consolidating Padholder's position as a leader in technological innovation.

Empowering Healthcare Communication

Within AMN Healthcare, Padholder's impact extends beyond mere product development. AMN Language Services, a crucial department facilitating interpreting services across various industries, including healthcare, relies on Padholder's solutions for seamless communication.
One of the notable challenges AMN Healthcare faced was the compatibility issue between existing speakers and iPad models. Padholder's swift response and commitment to excellence led to the development of an external speaker surpassing AMN's expectations. Since its inception in 2013, Padholder's speaker has seamlessly integrated into AMN's enclosures, ensuring uninterrupted communication flow.

Setting Industry Standards

Padholder's collaboration with AMN Healthcare transcends conventional boundaries, manifesting in the creation of custom green stands that have garnered significant attention in the medical industry. This visionary initiative, conceived jointly by Padholder's CEO and AMN's team, has reshaped the landscape of interpreting stands. Referred to colloquially as "green stands," these vibrant holders and stand components have become synonymous with quality and innovation.

Manufacturing Excellence

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Padholder takes pride in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, where many of AMN's stands are meticulously crafted. Leveraging its distribution centers in both Washington State and Florida, Padholder ensures seamless delivery, simplifying logistics for AMN Healthcare and its clientele. With the capability to drop-ship stands directly to customers, Padholder epitomizes efficiency and reliability in supply chain management.
In conclusion, Padholder's partnership with AMN Healthcare exemplifies a synergy between technological prowess and healthcare innovation. Through customized solutions, unwavering commitment, and a shared vision for excellence, Padholder continues to redefine the boundaries of communication in the healthcare industry, one green stand at a time.