First Responders

Padholder is renowned not only in the healthcare sector but also among First Responders across the nation.

With extensive experience working with EMS, Fire, and Police departments, we have developed tablet mounting solutions tailored to the specific needs of emergency vehicles, including fire engines and police vehicles.

Utilizing state-of-the-art laser scanning equipment, Padholder meticulously scans vehicle dashboards and other areas to create custom tablet mounting options. This ensures a precise fit and optimal functionality for each device used by First Responders. Our commitment to excellence extends to manufacturing all our tablet mounts in-house, guaranteeing dedicated solutions for every device.

In the fire industry, particularly, Padholder has established a strong presence and has proudly supported the FDIC show in Indianapolis for many years. Our dedication to providing reliable and innovative tablet mounting solutions remains unwavering, empowering First Responders to effectively utilize technology in their critical operations. Explore our range of tablet mounts today and experience the Padholder advantage in emergency vehicle integration.

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