Driving Innovation

The Ford and Padholder Collaboration

In the world of automotive excellence, innovation is the driving force behind success. This holds true for Padholder, a company deeply rooted in the passion for automotive technology, and its collaboration with Ford Motor Company. Let's delve into the fascinating case study of how these two giants joined forces to redefine the automotive experience.

A Shared Passion for Automotive Excellence

At the heart of Padholder lies a deep-seated passion for all things automotive, a trait inherited by its founder, Jim Benham. From a young age, Jim was immersed in the world of cars, with classic Chevys dominating the scene. However, his love for automotive innovation led him to purchase his first Ford, a Raptor, marking the beginning of a profound connection with the brand. Today, Jim proudly owns a Ford Superduty, and several vehicles in the Padholder fleet proudly wear the Ford badge.

The Genesis of Collaboration

The opportunity to collaborate with Ford arose during the FDIC event in Indianapolis, where Padholder crossed paths with Ford Motor Company through its partner, Newscope Marketing. A chance encounter between Jim and Brad, a firefighter and representative of Newscope Marketing, sparked a friendship that would evolve into a fruitful partnership. Together, they embarked on a journey to create unique tablet mounts for Ford displays showcased nationwide.

Driving Customer Engagement

Padholder's first project for Ford involved creating iPad enclosures strategically placed around Ford booths. These enclosures facilitated customer interactions, allowing visitors to enter giveaways or input their information for a chance to experience the Ford simulator. Over the years, Padholder continued to innovate, developing a myriad of iPad mounts to help Ford capture valuable customer data and enhance their vehicle sales strategies.

Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

Beyond the showroom floor, Padholder's collaboration with Ford extended to prestigious events like the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Here, Padholder played a crucial role in creating tablet mounts for Ford vehicles, seamlessly integrating technology into the automotive experience. Additionally, Padholder contributed to the development of tablet kiosks for Ford simulation vehicles, further enhancing the interactive experience for customers.

A Vision for the Future

As the collaboration between Padholder and Ford continues to flourish, the possibilities for innovation are limitless. Together, these two industry leaders are shaping the future of automotive technology, pushing boundaries, and delivering unparalleled experiences to customers worldwide.


The partnership between Padholder and Ford exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in the automotive industry. With a shared passion for excellence and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, these two giants are driving forward into a future where automotive innovation knows no bounds.