Oneview Healthcare

Revolutionizing Healthcare Technology: The Padholder and Oneview Healthcare Collaboration

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, innovation is key to improving patient care and streamlining workflows. This rings especially true in the case of Padholder and Oneview Healthcare, whose partnership has led to groundbreaking advancements in medical device integration. Let's explore the journey of collaboration between these two industry leaders.

A Problem Solving Partnership

In early 2015, Oneview Healthcare approached Padholder with a pressing issue: they had developed an exceptional product, but it was designed to run on a Dell Venue 11 tablet, and there were no suitable holders available in the market. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Padholder swiftly rose to the challenge, offering a solution within a matter of days. Leveraging their expertise in universal tablet holders, Padholder provided Oneview with a practical mounting solution, ensuring seamless integration of their product.

Going Above and Beyond

Padholder's commitment to excellence didn't stop at providing a functional solution. Understanding the unique needs of Oneview Healthcare, Padholder went a step further by designing a custom holder tailored to their specific application. By minimizing case size and incorporating the Oneview logo, Padholder ensured that the solution not only met but exceeded Oneview's expectations. Impressed by Padholder's dedication and ingenuity, Oneview chose to partner exclusively with Padholder for nearly a decade, cementing a strong and enduring relationship.

Driving Innovation in Healthcare Technology

As the partnership between Padholder and Oneview Healthcare flourished, so did the scope of their collaboration. Padholder expanded its product line to include a comprehensive range of tablet holders and medical accessories designed specifically for Oneview Healthcare. Each product proudly bears the Oneview logo, symbolizing a commitment to quality and innovation in healthcare technology.
Empowering Healthcare Professionals
The impact of Padholder and Oneview Healthcare's collaboration extends far beyond product development. By providing healthcare professionals with intuitive and reliable solutions, they empower them to deliver superior patient care and enhance operational efficiency. With each new advancement, Padholder and Oneview Healthcare are revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered and experienced.

A Vision for the Future

As they look towards the future, Padholder and Oneview Healthcare remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in healthcare technology. With a shared vision for excellence and a track record of success, they are poised to continue making strides in improving patient outcomes and transforming the healthcare industry as a whole.


The partnership between Padholder and Oneview Healthcare exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in driving positive change in healthcare technology. Through their shared commitment to excellence, they have not only overcome challenges but have also set new standards for innovation and quality in the industry. As they continue to innovate and evolve, Padholder and Oneview Healthcare are shaping the future of healthcare technology, one breakthrough at a time.