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In the realm of coffee culture and innovation, few partnerships stand as robustly as that between Starbucks and Padholder. Their collaborative journey is as rich as the brews they serve, marked by ingenuity and dedication. Let's delve into the captivating case study of how these two entities joined forces to redefine the coffee shop experience.

A Serendipitous Connection

The narrative of the Starbucks and Padholder collaboration unfolds with a serendipitous encounter between Jim Benham, Padholder's founder, and Craig, who, through a twist of fate, found himself dating a barista at a quaint coffee stand in Auburn, WA. This seemingly random connection would later evolve into the catalyst for a remarkable partnership.

From Social Connections to Business Opportunities

Over time, Jim and Craig's relationship blossomed beyond social media exchanges into a genuine friendship, anchored by their mutual affection for automobiles. Their camaraderie flourished as they shared their passion for cars, forging a bond that transcended virtual spaces.

A Proposition Ignites Curiosity

A decade later, Craig extended a proposition to Jim—a tantalizing opportunity cloaked in mystery. Intrigued by the prospect, Jim accepted Craig's invitation and journeyed to Bellevue, WA, where the contours of a groundbreaking project began to take shape.

The Vision Unveiled

In that pivotal meeting, Jim was introduced to Starbucks' audacious endeavor: the quest for tablet stands to elevate the customer experience across their global network of stores. Enthusiasm filled the room as Jim and the Starbucks team brainstormed ideas, sparking a creative synergy that would fuel their collaborative efforts.

Overcoming Obstacles with Innovation

As the project unfolded, Padholder faced a series of challenges. Starbucks sought stands that were not only functional but also resilient—able to withstand spills, swivel seamlessly, and adhere securely to countertops. Undeterred, Padholder embraced these challenges with gusto, leveraging their expertise to devise innovative solutions that surpassed expectations.

Excellence in Execution

In just two months, Padholder transformed concepts into reality, rolling out tablet stands that seamlessly integrated with Starbucks' operations. Collaborating with a trusted partner for assembly and distribution, Padholder ensured the stands were delivered with precision and efficiency, solidifying their reputation as a reliable innovator in the industry.

A Testament to Partnership

Since their inaugural collaboration, Padholder and Starbucks have continued to nurture their partnership, embarking on subsequent projects with a shared commitment to excellence. Their journey exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration, showcasing how a chance connection can evolve into a thriving partnership that reshapes industries and redefines standards.


The collaboration between Starbucks and Padholder is a testament to the power of connection, creativity, and collaboration. From humble beginnings to groundbreaking achievements, their journey underscores the transformative impact of partnerships in driving innovation and shaping the future of coffee culture. As they continue to brew success together, Starbucks and Padholder stand poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of coffee and beyond.