Edge Series Tablet Holders

Series Features

Open Face Design

The Edge Series line of holders utilizes a U-shaped, open-face design that allows for quick installation and removal of your tablet. Using a series of spacers and tensioners, the holder is adjusted to tightly fit your tablet model with, or without, a case installed. The tablet sits freely in the holder in a landscape orientation with all buttons, ports, and cameras exposed.

PadHoldr Edge Classic Holder Quick Removal
PadHoldr Edge Classic Holder Works With Most Cases

Works With Most Cases

Using the included spacers and tensioners you will be able to adjust your Edge Series holder to fit a wide range of tablets with and without cases on them. Be sure to cross-reference your tablet and tablet case dimensions with the specifications provided for each holder to ensure a compatible and proper fit.

Universal AMPS Mounting Pattern

The Edge Series utilizes the compact AMPS mounting pattern. Four mounting holes are spaced 1.813” by 1.188” (38mm by 30mm) in a horizontal position. The majority of our mounts utilize this same AMPS mounting pattern making this holder compatible with nearly every mount in our lineup.

PadHoldr Edge Classic Holder Mounting Solutions
PadHoldr Edge Series Vehicle Mounted

Popular Uses

The Edge Series holders are most widely used in the home and in vehicle mounting situations. Utilizing our various vehicle mounts and our floor stand and wall mounts; you can easily mount your tablet wherever you need to. The most popular Edge Series mount configuration is and Edge Series Holder and Vehicle Dashboard Mount.

Series Models